The 23rd Annual New Zealand Juggling Festival

Since the 1993 the "New Zealand Juggling Festival" has traveled all over the country, taking an exciting and diverse event to new kiwi communities. The Festival invites all local, national and international visitors, from complete beginner through to professionalp, there is something for everyone. Each year we expect from 100 to 150 participants f


Jugglefest XXII

Celebrating its 22nd year, Jugglefest is a three-day event full of workshops, games, demonstrations, and shows featuring juggling, unicycling, and related circus arts. Everyone is welcome to come on down to pick up the basics, learn some new tricks, meet some crazy people or just chill out and watch.

Jugglefest XXII is happening on Febru


Tropical Islands Invasion 2015

Dear Jugglers, Need a Juggling Convention? Need a break from Winter? Time for your yearly bath? Here’s the plan: 13-15. February 2015 we invade Tropical Islands and you can get all at once. From Friday to Sunday we plan to get as many jugglers as possible to meet in the largest dome in the world where it is always 26°C.

New for this


Serious Fun in Burma/Myanmar

Serious Fun juggling festivals in Laos and Thailand became the stuff of legend because of the locations, performances and the fantastic people who took part.  From wonderful and super-talented international jugglers, welcoming local communities and performers, to the big-hearted Serious Fun volunteers who worked hard behind the scenes, these


Circo Fest 2015

De parte de la asociación ACirc queremos darles nuestro más profundo agradecimiento a cada uno de los que hicieron posible, Circo Fest 2014. Nos sentimos profundamente honrados por la presencia de todos en esta primera experiencia. Sin ustedes el festival no habría sido un éxito! Ya estamos trabajando fuerte para el próximo Circo Fest