Interview with Eivind Dragsjø

Eivind Dragsjø is a juggler who currently holds the world record of 9 clubs, 11 catches. Last year he placed 6th in the Favorite Jugglers poll. He was the youngest person to run the flash of 8 clubs. Here you can see the video. Something that catches my attention is his young age. He is 18 years old, and is already a great juggler. I had the oppor


EJC 2015 - 38th European Juggling Convention

Dear Jugglers, Welcome to the website of EJC 2015! We hope you are all looking forward to coming to Bruneck in August. The team is constantly working on preparing everything and we are very happy that we have so many motivated and committed people to make this EJC happen and the city of Bruneck is ready to welcom


EJC 2015 - European Juggling Convention 2015 - Bruneck

Dear jugglers, we have some good news for you: Despite all the difficulties in the beginning we are still expecting to have an EJC 2015! There are already a lot of motivated and committed organisers, unit managers and helpers volunteering for the EJC. Thank you! Additionally we have the full support of the town of Bruneck.

The time to prepare the


Jugglers’ Calendar 2015

Here’s a Christmas/Holiday gift for all the jugglers out there! Photography is one of my favourite hobbies, and jugglers on stage are some of my favourite subjects. So like I did for 20112012 and 2014, I made a calendar for 2015 using some of my favourite photos from juggling conventions and shows in 2014.

Download the high r


FLAME Festival 2015

FLAME Festival is the largest gathering of fire performers in the Southeast United States.  Every year on the 2nd weekend of April, hundreds of performers gather for the sake of growth and innovation. During the day we hold classes on a variety of props so everyone - whether you're new or veteran - can learn and expand your skills