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23rd New Zealand Juggling Festival 2015

Since the 1993 the "New Zealand Juggling Festival" has traveled all over the country, taking an exciting and diverse event to new kiwi communities. The Festival invites all local, national and international visitors, from complete beginner through to professionalp, there is something for everyone. Each year we expect from 100 to 150 participants from all over the world to come together and have a great time!

The NZJF is a place where everyone can learn or share circus skills from aerial to ground, juggling to balance and from beginner to advanced. It is an beautiful environment whether you want to learn, teach, hang-out or just play.

This year "Zane and Degge" are proud to announce that the New Zealand Juggling and Circus Festival will be held in Clareville (just out of Carterton). This is the first time the festival has traveled to the Wairarapa region, much to the locals excitement!

There will be circus workshops for all levels, an amazing public show, Renegade performances, Fire Jam, Juggling Olympics and more.

The festival will be based at the "Clareville A&P Grounds" with fantastic facilities including the biggest hall ever invented in the world (a slight exaggeration, but it is still pretty big). This will be open for 24/7 juggling goodness. Get excited! We have an awesome venue in an awesome part of the country, what more could your want?

Check out the video of the 2015 site!

Dunedin Fire and Juggling Club
At the bottom of the world near the most southern point in the South Island meets a group of performers who practice fire, juggling and circus skills weekly.  This tradition has been running most years since 1989.  People of all skill levels participate, with an average of 20-50 people weekly.  Practice takes place inside a large hall so there is plenty of room to juggle and practice your throws no matter what the weather.  If it's a nice evening we then shift to the outdoors and jam with fire.  These activities take place 6-8pm every Wednesday at the Clubs and Societies Centre, 84 Albany St.  
We also host a circus retreat and a circus festival - Circulation Festival, every year. This year the circus retreat was at Easter and over 50 performers came, learnt, played and frolicked for three days.

Circulation Festival is a larger festival and it is quickly becoming a must on the festival list for performers, so if you have never been to the South before this is the perfect excuse to! 
check out 

Where: Clubs and Societies Centre
84 Albany St.
When: 6-8pm Wednesdays
Contact: Facebook Group


UCSA (University of Canterbury Students Assoc. 
Where: The Ballroom Centre (wins best venue name!)
90 Ilam Road
When: 7pm Tuesdays
Contact: Blair (021) 206 8392