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The Events calendar is where you can find all the events related to the world of juggling


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The Forum is the heart of Giocoleria.org. And it's the meeting place where to share your passion


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The Juggling spots are the places where meet other the jugglers, where perform or train all together

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Juggling NewsNews from Juggling

The News section, now at the front end of the home page, collect all the items related to the world of juggling and new circus. You can help us, by telling an experience to share, a story of the behind-the-scenes organization of an event, writing an interview with an artist that you admire, your own reflection on some issue that's important to you.

You can write about anything that you think might be of interest to the community of jugglers.

In addition to this, we will, as always space for the announcement of events, courses in circus schools, in workshops, performances, etc.

How to prepare an article that is published on the Home Page?

You have to create your article and send it via the link Send us a News (top menu Home / News).

IMPORTANT - Remember that every text and every image included in the article must be original, that is your flour sack. We respect the work of others and avoid the copy-paste :)

It’s granted, however, the reproduction of small pieces of text in the form of citation and the use of photos taken by others public web only if it has the original source which should always be mentioned below, together with the link reference.

Keep in mind that ...

- We love the items taken care of, written without typos, complete in the information, and possibly containing a picture related to the content (remember, it should be the exact size of 290 * 190 pixels - Horizontal and weighing no more than 20 Kb).

- Each item sent, before ending up in the Home Page, is viewed by site administrators and if considered it appropriate, published.

- If you have an idea for an article that does not fall into the categories currently available, but you seem interesting to share, whether it will be a really good content to the community, will surely be published.

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