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It's the first social network dedicated exclusively to jugglers and street arts. Be social and share you passion!


Juggling Calendar

The Events calendar is where you can find all the events related to the world of juggling


Juggling Forum

The Forum is the heart of Giocoleria.org. And it's the meeting place where to share your passion


Juggling Maps

The Juggling spots are the places where meet other the jugglers, where perform or train all together

Play Juggling - Negozio di Giocoleria

Juggling ForumJuggling Forum

The Forum is the heart of Giocoleria.org.
It’s the meeting place where you can meet other jugglers and share information by learning from who have more experienced and helping those who are less.
The entire forum is divided into categories and sub-categories: to see them all go to menu "Forum" and click on Index of the forum.
Scrolling down the page you'll see that each category has a description that helps you understand what you are talking about in there and then try to find your way in or writing about a particular topic.
The information in the forums are so many, so if you can not find what you are looking for, use the Search function in the forum (reachable from the top menu)
If you want to keep up with the "latest" and follow what you are talking about right now in the most recent discussions, click on Recent Topics

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