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Telluride FIRE Festival 2015

A truly breathtaking, wildly magical fire art experience that goes beyond the realm of traditional artistry. Spectacular evening displays—Dynamic, two-story, fire-breathing serpents, dizzying performances by expert fire spinners, and other extraordinary demonstrations of fire mastery in Telluride—both in-and-out of doors—directly on Main Street and the Mountain Village Plaza.

An Event for Everyone
• Free fire art installation workshops
• Interactive art: see, touch and climb
• Outdoor fire performances
• Entertainment at venues throughout Telluride
This dramatic fire art festival will entertain, educate, provide warmth, support artists, and enrich Telluride.

The Telluride Fire Festival will be centered around a free public and interactive experience of fire artistry on the weekend of January 15-19, 2015  in the small mountain towns of Telluride and Mountain Village, Colorado. Beginning when darkness falls on Friday, Saturday and Sunday until late evening, it will take place both on the central pedestrian plaza of Mountain Village and on the “Main Street” (closed to vehicular traffic) of historic Telluride. People will watch spontaneous fire performances and experience (and walk among) the many forms of fire art from “art cars” to fire dancers to fire-emitting sculptures to creative burn barrels.

All stationary art installations will be available during the day for viewing. The Main Street art, plaza displays in Mountain Village, and the event classes are free to the public. Evening entertainment at multiple indoor venues in Town and Mountain Village are fee based.

We will gift our community with this unique and interactive fire art experience through the generosity of our sponsors, donors, and community arts organizations. Please click here to download a brochure.

If you are interested in becoming a fire performer for our event or teaching a fire performance workshop or welding workshop, please click here. Thank you.