Play Juggling - Negozio di Giocoleria

London International Mime Festival 2015

New circus, extreme dance, physical imagery, fairground commedia and exotic Japanese puppetry are just some of the exciting and essentially wordless media through which the Mime Festival’s artists tell their stories. At LIMF 2015 ballet dancers collaborate with Sean Gandini’s brilliant jugglers, and Basil Twist's sly foxes dance through a hundred hand painted Japanese ‘dogugaeshi’ theatre screens.

From Belgium, Peeping Tom makes its UK debut with a thriller set in a chilly landscape of wind and ice, while Circus Ronaldo’s grandiose puppet opera brings high tragedy and raucous comedy in equal measure. Entrapped in a forest of light, the extraordinary Japanese dance Kaori Ito performs in London for the first time, in Olivier Award nominee Aurélien Bory’s Plexus.

LIMF 2015 offers fabulous contemporary visual theatre for everyone.