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9. Juggling Tutorial: Flo's Mess

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Welcome to the Flo's Mess juggling tutorial. All constructive feedback and questions wanted!

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Need to know before attempting this trick:
3 ball cascade - see tutorial 1
Underarm throw
Bonus to know:
Mills' Mess - see tutorial 2

Note: This trick is different to Mills' Mess! I swear! I am not lying! It looks quite similar and the hand movements are near the same but it is different. Especially if you perform the trick yourself.

Step 1
Start off with an underarm throw, and then use an over the top throw to follow. Catch both balls in the opposite hand of which you threw it from as they uncross. Practice this on both sides.

Step 2
Do step 1 except this time, the arm that does the over the top throw, after catching the ball as your hands uncross, goes to reach under the other arm to make another underarm throw. Practice this on both sides.

Step 3
The same process as step 2 but now with 3 balls. This part is difficult to explain but relatively simple to do. Just go ahead and try it and the chances are you will get it.

All Together
The final trick repeats itself as you make the final throw of the third step, it is an underarm throw like the start of this sequence and simply repeat what you did but from the other side.

Thanks for watching.
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