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8. Juggling Tutorial: Mangham Mangle

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Welcome to the Mangham Mangle juggling tutorial. All constructive feedback and questions wanted!

Thanks for Gballz for sponsoring me! They make great ballz! Everyone go look at the Gballz website at:

Need to know before attempting this trick:
3 ball cascade - see tutorial 1
Bonus to know:
Burkes Barrage - see tutorial 6

Note: This trick was invented by (predictably), Mr Mangham, the founder of Check the website out and the puzzle is cool tool. (The secret video rocks!)

Step 1
Yo-yo, columns but with a ball held above it to create a cool effect.

Step 2
Similar to yo-yo but instead of maintaining a columns structure, do a sidewards 2 in 1 hand juggle throwing to the center. You still follow the same ball but you do it in a circular motion now as the ball is thrown in a circular pattern. You can also think of it as bringing a ball under the top ball when juggling a sideward 2 in one hand juggle.

Step 3
Do step 2 only this time, you throw both the ball you were following and the ball you were following with up, then claw the ball you were following.

All Together
Repeat step 3 on both sides for the final trick, easy huh?

Thanks for watching.
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