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6. Juggling Tutorial: Burkes Barrage

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In this Video:
Welcome to the Burkes Barrage juggling tutorial. All constructive feedback and questions wanted!

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Need to know before attempting this trick:
3 ball cascade - see tutorial 1
2 in 1 hand
Bonus to know:

Note: This trick really should be called take-outs however, since a typing mistake in a popular juggling book, it has been taught as Burkes Barrage and now, it is much more widely known as Burkes Barrage. The real Burkes Barrage is similar to this version however, instead of carrying the ball over the columns pattern, you bring it through the pattern between the two balls.

Step 1
Do the columns trick with one hand and then switch to the other hand after two throws. Keep alternating between your hands.

Step 2
Start with your hands crossed and do the columns with the hand underneath. As you do this, bring the other hand with its ball over the column and back again underneath. Finally drop one ball from your columns trick without stopping to the hand now underneath.

Step 3
Repeat step 2 only on the opposite side.

All Together
Combine steps 2 and 3 for the final trick!

Thanks for watching.
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