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18. Juggling Tutorial: Columns

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In this Video:
Welcome to the Columns juggling tutorial. All constructive feedback and questions wanted!

Thanks for Gballz for sponsoring me! They make great ballz! Everyone go look at the Gballz website at:

Need to know before attempting this trick:
2 in 1 Hand
Bonus to know:

Step 1
Simply juggle the standard 2 in 1 hand

Step 2
Now work on step 1 so that they 2 balls go up in seperate columns, instead of rotating, they should go up in seperate paths.

Step 3
Now with 3 balls, juggle step 2. As you do step 2, throw up the extra ball in the other hand in sync with the outside ball occasionally.

Step 4
Work on step 3 so that every outside throw is accompanied with a throw of the extra third ball!

All Together
For the final trick, simply share the middle ball between your 2 hands. You've got it!

Thanks for watching.
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