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17. Juggling Tutorial: Mills' Mess Shower

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In this Video:
Welcome to the Mills' Mess Shower juggling tutorial. All constructive feedback and questions wanted!

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Need to know before attempting this trick:
3 Ball Cascade - see tutorial 1
Mills' Mess - see tutorial 2
Bonus to know:

Step 1
Juggle a 3 ball Mills' Mess. Whilst doing this, try making every throw on the arm above when your arms crossed, higher. Kinda hard to vocalize but check the video and you'll see what I mean.

Step 2
When doing step 1, you may realize that whilst that, when that extra high ball is in mid air, you have an interesting situation on your hands (metaphorically and literally). At that moment, you have 1 ball in midair whilst you have your hands uncrossed, with a ball in each hand. Try adding 1 round of shower throw in. Straight after that, go back into the Mills' Mess. Work on getting this on one side non-stop.

Step 3
Do the same with the other side.

All Together
To get the final trick, combine steps 2 and 3 together so you have showers on both sides going constantly. You've got it! This takes a bit of practice but it doesn't take that long. The only reason why I say this is advanced is because you need to know shower and Mills' mess before learning it.

Thanks for watching.
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