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Staff Spinning Tutorial 7

Uploaded By: BadCluster . Category: Staffs - Buugeng . Added on: 31 May 2012.
In this Video:
Making up for my lateness, I uploaded two new tutorials. Hope the quantity did not affect the quality.

This time I will be explaining how to transfer to horizontals, the halo spin, the eight winged (double) dragon and the continuous backspin.

Understand what Im trying to say(this is tutorial number 7, so I take it youre already quite good): There are many ways to make transfers. You could do a 360 primairy backspin in the second option, and you'll be facing the correct way again. A lot of spins have special side-effects. The figure eight is used for changing sides and horizontals can be used to change the direction the staff is spinning. All of this is usseful because many spins go in a diffirent direction. It is possible to do all spins in one combo, remember that.

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Keep spinning.

Music: Daft Punk - Aerodynamic+one more time


-Lord Tains
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