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Staff Spinning Turorial 6

Uploaded By: BadCluster . Category: Staffs - Buugeng . Added on: 31 May 2012.
In this Video:
I will upload my new tutorial(number 7)immediately too.

This time I'm explaining how fingerspin, how to do the kuroi-hane-akai-hana (黒羽赤花) and how to do 360 more properly.

If you dont like the music, just turn it off.

Someone mailed me saying there was way more thought put into staff spinning than she first expected. She refered to all the explaining about combo making. Yeah ofcourse wen you create something you need to put some thought into it.
I will explain two ways of doing 360's, and you can do others depending on what you want to acchieve.

-Lord Tains
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