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staff spinning tutorial 5

Uploaded By: BadCluster . Category: Staffs - Buugeng . Added on: 31 May 2012.
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I wanted to explain combo-making for so long, but it issnt easy at all. I learned combo making myself by just trying things out and I dont recall ever having problems with it.

The only ting I can teach you guys is how to transfer between diffirent spins, but there are so many spins that that is a not easy either.

I put everything into four categories to make it easier to understand how spinning works(and eventually understand how to make combo's), but there are a lot of spins that dont really fit in in any category.

spins like basic spin, two handed airspin, ichiyubi and the foundation of spinning are all one-ways, and putting them together is really easy. they dont need any transition moves.
going from the figure-eight to the 360 figure eight to the armpit-spin is really easy too, and like this linking the palmspin to the body roll to the primairy backspin feels natural as well. And then comes the tricky part. most of the "others-category" are at the beginning or the end of a spin(like kuro-hane-akai-hana) so they cant be linked to each other, and linking them to other spins are very difficult too.

then there are spins that are (looking at how they feel) in the wrong category. the backspin is a good example. The backspin is not really ONE move. you could divide it into the front-pass, the right-figure eight, the back-pass and then the left-backwards-figure-eight. the two passes are one-ways, but the figure eights are two ways, making the entire thing hard to put into a category.

It should fit into the One-ways because its easy to do from a basic-spin(and other one-ways), and almost impossible to do from a two-way (like a figure eight, it doessnt feel right). keep that in mind, that some spins (like the double dragon as well) feel like one-ways but belong in the two-way section.

next time I'll explain how horizontals work, and how to make the (normally) vertically staff spin horizontally without having to stop it.

--everyone able to succesfully do a spin or combo shown in my vids should still make a video response(to the video the move is shown in), It'd be very much appreciated and I can give you tips.

music: E.S. Posthumus with Nineveh and then Tikal.
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