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Alien Jon Poi: nano-Tech Blog 2: Reviewing some older concepts, adding a new twist

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Random Tech poi ideas in the form of tiny snippets of video.

Review For Lye on Home of Poi.

Reviewing 2nd-degree 2-beats. 2nd-degree twist is analogous to the wrist twist in a 5-beat weave. Standard transitions "around the clock" from zone to zone are done by untwisting the wrists to 0-degrees, just like in your average weave or 'mill.

Reviewing 4-beat patterns that transitions diagonally between 2 zones and stays offset to 2nd & 1st degree twist of the wrist. The wrists never fully uncross.

The 4-beat transition can also be done at the wrists with a longarm feel: either linearly or with that fun anti-spin variant. Antispin: 5-petals per poi, out of phase: looks like 10 petals in the same way that 2 opposing triquetras looks like 6 petals.

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