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10. Juggling Tutorial: Olas

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Welcome to the Olas juggling tutorial. All constructive feedback and questions wanted!

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Need to know before attempting this trick:
3 ball cascade - see tutorial 1
Bonus to know:
Georgian Shuffle

Note: This trick is quite uncommon, I think at least. I learned this from Juggler's Aquarium and I came up with the steps afterwards, I don't do it perfectly and the website itself has a better video of it.

Step 1
Start off with 2 balls in one hand. Throw one ball then, after a short pause, throw the next. When these balls reach your other hand, claw the first ball in a circular motion and claw the second in a continuing cicular motion, keeping hold of both balls.

Step 2
Start with 3 balls, 2 in one hand and 1 in the other. Use the hand with one ball in and throw that one ball to the other hand. Before that one ball drops to your other hand with 2 balls in it, throw both of those 2 balls in one motion as the first ball you threw lands. As these 2 balls travel to your other hand, softly claw the one lower and then, after a pause, catch the other ball.

Step 3
This is a combination or steps 1 & 2. With three balls, do the double circular claw catches and once you have both balls, do step 2.

All Together
The final trick is just step 3 continued on both sides.

Thanks for watching.
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