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Yuku Buugeng

Website: Yuku Buugeng

Buugeng was created by Dai Murata (a.k.a  Zaobab) 

Inspired by Michael Moschen, Dai found a creative way to make these S-Curve shapes.  Made of wood and collapsible, these convenient props are spreading across the world.  It is visually entrancing to watch buugeng spin.  The optical illusion of how these props appear to change shape and designs is mesmerizing.  With practice and strong dedication, anyone can learn to master buugeng. 

There is now a growing group of first generation buugeng performers that will inspire many to find the creative joy of this art form.  There is much to discover.  This is an exciting time to be exploring the possibilities that buugeng has to offer.  

Don’t have a pair?  Get one!  They are worth every penny!

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