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This page collects yo-yo tricks. Its aim is to give the reader a set of leads, when looking for information on certain tricks and techniques. It attempts to group tricks by style and technique. As many tricks fall into more than one of these groups, this is probably an impossible task. :-) There only are sections for the different kinds of tricks or techniques for Single A tricks. The same techniques often are used in other playing styles as well. A complete alphabetical list of all tricks described on yo-yo wiki can be found .

Some descriptions refer to certain mounts. A mount is a certain way the yo-yo and string are held. You may want to check out the mounts page to help you with mounts involved in some of the more technical tricks.

If you wish to perform tricks for an audience, be it for the kids in the neighborhood or on stage, you can find some basic advice in our page about Performing with a yo-yo.

For trick sites see the Online Community Page

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