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Fahrenheit Fire & Flow Arts Festival

Fahrenheit is a three day camping event where fire performers and flow artists of all types and skill levels come from near and far to share and celebrate their passion for this captivating art form. Our focus is on learning. Each day is packed with dozens of intensive workshops that cover a wide range of subjects taught by teachers at the top of their craft. All of our teachers donate their time and talents to the event in the hopes that their students will one day also rise to the occasion.

The event is entirely volunteer-run, and all attendees contribute to its success by donating a few hours of their time in the kitchen, around the grounds, at the greeter station, and wherever the event needs help.


The idea for Fahrenheit caught spark in early 2011, when four friends from Philadelphia came together to create a flow and fire art event that would serve the mid-Atlantic region. They stoked the fire for over a year, building the infrastructure and gathering support and resources to fuel the flames. Dedicated individuals from all over the East Coast pooled their energy and resources until the inferno erupted at the Schuylkill County Fair Grounds on June 8, 2012.

This first event saw 115 in attendance, hosted 9 vendors, and ran a total of 89 classes taught by star performers from all across the US. An effigy built during the “Art of Arson” workshop was burned Saturday evening and a 1000lb MIDI-controlled fire cannon array lit up the sky nightly over the burn field where deities and demons danced.

In 2013 we started off with a little rain but this did not dampen our flame. All of the classes, all of the tents, and even the fire circle if we needed (which we didn't) fit perfectly under the ample covered structures and people learned and connected and played without a hitch.Overall, the response this year was inspiring as the event saw a 40% increase in attendance and an even more diverse and amazing group of teachers, performers, vendors, and artists, who rocked it hard all weekend to make the festival one to remember.

As we gear up for 2014 we are absolutely thrilled to see what the community comes up with and excited to once again share warmth with one another!

Fahrenheit 2015 will be held May 29 - 31 at Schuylkill County Fairgrounds in Schuylkill County, PA. 

This is the same great venue that we have used for the past tree years but please note that the date is a week before our usual weekend in June. With any luck this will work out better but to any of our friends who were looking forward to our usual dates, we are sorry. The venue was booked early. That said, have a great year and we look forward to seeing you all in May!

P.S. YAY! Fahrenheit is coming a week early! :~P