Play Juggling - Negozio di Giocoleria

InJuCo-2015InJuCo's Firenights are legendary for its top notch international firespinners and ambience. Every year this theme night showcases some of the finest talents in Goa, mesmerizing the audience with tremendous amounts of fire and incredible spirit. Sharing knowledge and practicing during the day, performing by night. InJuCo also promotes these international performers in its booking section worldwide, even more than that: dancers, musicians, DJ's and acrobats are available as well. Contact us for more details.

Monday 19th Jan 2015 - Monday 26th Jan 2015

InJuCo goes IndieGoGo - and invites you on stage!

After all these years we feel it's time to manifest, expand, grow beyond our current limitations and become what InJuCo is destined for:

a garden for inspiration and co-creative spirits to realize the future, now.

InJuCo goes Crowdfunding with IndieGoGo



Click the banner or this LINK to find out what we're aiming for and which amazing perks we were coming up with to entice you supporting us.

InJuCo has been inspiring people for over 6 years in India and beyond, working together with local NGO's and educational facilities in our aim to expand their curriculum, to brighten the day for children and help them making smarter, even more graceful choices.

The task seems humongous, but it is possible - one playground at a time. 

With your assistance we will not only secure and improve our site, but also reach way beyond our current limitations.

Even if you have no money to support,you're already assisting by spreading the word and sharing our campaign with your network.

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