Play Juggling - Negozio di Giocoleria

Fluid Juggling Autumn Special Intensive Workshop in Italy

This workshop is designed for jugglers by a juggler than has learned the hard way :) I knew I wanted more from my juggling and took about every class I could to integrate what I was learning.
I love performing but it is the practice of juggling and how it can touch our lives that really interests me.
This may sound a little far out for some people but after years of juggling it what keeps many of us sane in this mad world :)
Juggling shouldn't be just another job, we can touch the lives of thousands of people and if they feel good, we feel good too, and if we feel good they too.... sounds a bit like the chicken and the egg...

This week long residential workshop in the nature is a condensation of 20 years of my daily yoga practice, three years at the Dimitri Physical Theatre School and 25 years of my personal juggling trip.
This week is an exploration space, I guide the workshop enormously but I fully respect everyones style and tastes.
I'm just interested that we make our juggling alive and that our juggling makes us alive.

In terms of residential workshops I may only plan a ten day act development next august. You see weekend workshops are cool but are over way too fast.... but that's also ok...

If you're just interested in numbers this is not for you, if you're up for having fun and diving into playing around with your techniche then this might just be for you :)

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