Website: FireToys
Persona di riferimento: FireToys
Indirizzo: Unit 8 and 9, Westergate Business Centre, Westergate Road
Città: Brighton
Stato: United Kingdom
Telefono: 01273.60.70.88


We love to play! Balls, diabolos, clubs, unicycles, bikes, scooters and much more. And so, it seems, do you lot. These sorts of toys used to be tricky to get hold of so Firetoys was set up to provide you with a modern approach to retailing allowing us to hold and display a giant range.


We are different to most places as we incorporate bricks and mortar premises just outside of town where you can come and buy direct (lots of free parking), a giant warehouse which regularly morphs from storage to play space to testing ground, and a manufacturing workshop. The workshop is unfortunately not open to the public, however it does mean we can build, modify, adjust and tweak any of your kit quickly, easily and safely. We also have an office above unit 9 from which we conduct our online business allowing you to order most of our range without ever leaving your couch!


Born in a bedroom, Firetoys has grown rapidly over the last 12 years. Initially we were just manufacturers of specialist equipment, but over time we've gradually adapted our premises to our needs. From our humble beginnings as a bedroom workshop to proper shop premises in the middle of Brighton to our current massive warehouse and play space on the ourtskirts of town. Today we occupy 2 units in the eco park called the Westergate Business Centre. Unit 9 is our front of house where we welcome visitors and shoppers from 9am to 5pm 9 (sometimes earlier than 9 and often later than 5). We also stock a huge range of equipment here and have some offices upstairs from which we conduct our online business. Unit 8 is closed to the public and is for manufacturing only. This is our innovation nerve centre and the source of all of our own equipment.


We stock a large and ever increasing range of high quality circus equipment and props, thereby offering you one of the largest selections of toys around. We only source equipment from the best manufactures and if a prop doesn’t meet our high standards it’s ejected  quick-smart. We hold as much stock as possible meaning you can pick up or we can dispatch orders as quickly as possible. All orders placed before 3pm go out the door the same day. How’s that for efficiency!?

We’re not just a retailer though. Oh no. We also wholesale to the UK and abroad and have a wide range of equipment that is manufactured by our own fair hands.

The majority of the fire performance props we sell were designed and built by us in our sustainably powered workshop. It’s not just fire props that interest the boys and girls in the workshop; they’re also responsible for our range of high quality hula hoops and other toys including juggling cubes and wooden S-Staffs.

We’ve built up a reputation for quality and innovation and have the most extensive range of staffs and poi in the UK.

Our focus is, and always has been, on safety and quality. Whether it’s attempting (unsuccessfully) to snap a Fibre 3 or making sure both eyebrows can survive the Plaited Fire Snakes, you can be sure we’ve put our products through their paces. Buying a prop from Firetoys guarantees you are buying a tried and tested, safe and durable prop.

Our workshop team are always looking for ways to improve our existing range and coming up with ideas for exciting new props. We were the first in the UK to manufacture Fire S-Staffs and there are always more developments in the pipeline. Watch this space…

Oh, and we can also build custom props. Whether you’re after fire nipple tassels (yes, they have been done!) or you want an odd length staff or some extra wick on your poi, we’re more than happy to assist. Just give us a bell or drop us an email.

Likewise, if you have any comments, queries or suggestions we’d love to hear from you. Check out our Contact Us page for details of how to speak to one of our lovely people.


Feel free to come and visit, but beware, we are no ordinary shop. You may need to step over a few unicycles, under an aerial trapeze rig and past some strange welded sculptures!