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Primal Fire is a fire spinning group located in Victoria, B.C., Canada. Primal Fire Productions was created in early 2003 with the dream of producing thrilling fire shows for audiences of all ages. Check out our videos or book one of our shows for your event...
Una raccolta molto fornita per fare sculture con i aplloncini. Le spiegazioni sono semplici e facili da intuire grazie alle foto che vi guideranno a costruire quello che state cercando di fare
Per chi voglia un hula Hoop luminoso, o anche semplicemente vedere quanto sono belli.
per chi vuole cercare il "suicidio"
Spiral, una delle mie hoopers preferite e il suo sito.
Canadian producer return tops and winner of National YoYo Contest Award of Excellence.
Staff spinning has long been an art form in many cultures, such as Polynesian Fire dances. Also known as deeblesticks, a great deal of the techniques evolved from martial art forms such as bo and jo stick, eskrima and aikido. See also the Club Swinging page for information on Whip chains, which are
Since the dawn of time, the staff and fire have been close companions for comfort, entertainment and protection. Throughout the ages it has been the one thing that seperates man from the animals. So much so that mankind has endeavored many centuries with an insatiable desire in an endless pursuit.
Stixplay. It's the cure and the addiction. Entranced by the hypnotic patterns. Harvesting energy from the rhythmic circular movements. Feeling replaces seeing as patterns are carved in space. Uniting mind, body, and soul around a central focus point. The boundary between stix and player...
Altri hula luminosi, non così belli come gli psihoops.
Tutti i trick sono visualizzati in brevi video.
Three time Best of The Bay winner Temple of Poi is the world's first poi fire dancing and flow arts school offering poi lessons to fire performers and students world wide. We offer structured classes, free workshops, free podcasts and also sell poi video lessons on DVD or download. Based in...
Hai scoperto il Diabolo ma non c'è nessuno che ti insegna?Qui c'è quello di cui hai bisogno: beginners e non, con video e animazioni anche a rallentatore molto dettagliate. Da guardare!
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