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Bouncing balls is great fun, because unlike any other form of juggling, you're not the one working. The balls do it all by themselves! But ball bouncing doesn't have to be slow and easy, it can also be very fast and aggressive. It's also easier to juggle more balls when you are bouncing...
Contact Juggling is the art of rolling one or more balls across one's body(ball rolling) and/or spinning them in the hands(palmspinning). This description may seem to present contact juggling(CJ) as a very limited hobby. In fact, new tricks are being created every day.
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Clubs add a third dimension to juggling. Along with throwing the object to the right place at the the right time, you also need to have the club oriented properly to your hand (or whatever is going to catch/stop the club). For most patterns this means spinning the club in a complete 360 degree...
Many jugglers consider clubs their favorite props, and club passing is one of the most popular activities at juggling clubs and festivals. The flipping motion of clubs makes them more difficult to juggle than balls, but that's also what makes them look so cool in motion, and it gives you new...
Learning how to juggle clubs is a bit difficult at first. Even if you know how to juggle balls already, the added difficulty of flipping the clubs and catching them on the handle makes it hard. The only way to really learn how to juggle clubs is to continually practice.
Sito con varie sezioni tra cui quella "moves" e "video" con vari tricks da 1 a 12 sfere.
Ok, it has been 2 years since I put the initial cut of this page up and the lesson only had an outline and the beginning of the first lesson talking about how to hold the ball and an simple exercise on catching the ball on the back of your hand. I've gotten a lot of e-mail, answered many questions.
Contact Juggling is the ability to manipulate one or more balls while they stay in contact with your body the whole time. This usually involves the ball rolling from one part of the body to another in a smooth, flowing motion.
Un sito sul contorsionismo con molte info utili, esercizi di allenamento, libri consigliati e altro.
Il sito di Dai con giochi a 1, 2 e 3 Diabolo.
Molti video con tricks con le cigarboxes e non solo... (anche palline, clavette, devilstick...)