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ARGOMENTO: raphael in italy - la dolce vita

raphael in italy - la dolce vita 13 Anni 4 Settimane fa #154573

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Hey guys,

when I asked my best friend about juggling in Italy, he gave me a link to this site and - ignoring my Italian language skills or indeed their lack - it seems I found the right place.

I´m Raphael, 25, student of medicine (which all grannies under my care so far agreed makes me a good person), from Berlin. And I have had enough. Enough rain. Enough clouds. Enough people who complain about the summer (yeah, it´s ironic) Enough hot tea and woolen socks in mid August. NOT enough summer. No way, Jose. Right now I´m sitting in an Internetcafe with a scarf around my neck for Christ sake.

So I decided that several million of my countrymen can´t be all wrong - it´s time to travel South. Into Italy, where they say the wine is more red, the sky more blue, the pasta to die for and every piazza lined with rich tourists that appreciate street art. Somewhere also there was the mention of cheese. With pears.

Anyway, getting to the point... I´m looking for great people to meet on the way. People to jam together, learn, teach, exchange skills, do street performances - and most of all just hang out with and getting to know each other. Half my country is in love with Italy - and I´d like to find out why. Obviously offers of a shower/a couch/an opportunity to do laundry would be greatly appreciated.

I´ll leave home some time this or next week and be in Italy for about the first three weeks of September. Where is not exactly clear yet - I guess that might depend on the feedback I get from this site... But I´ll mostly stay in Northern Italy. I´d love to see Tuscany, Toscana, however you write that. Firenze, Siena, Pisa, Carrara... a few names I remember from childhood vacations and would love to see again...

Skillwise... I mainly do fire stuff. I´ve been into poi for around three years now. Fire ropes obviously, since there is no thing as too much fire. I´ve taken up double staff recently and love them. Since I also do loads of martial arts (some kind of Tai Chi), at some point the idea became irresistible to unite the two. Martial arts and fire. With a friend I tied a metal plate and a kevlar wick to my hands - creating something called lovingly the Burning Thingie Style Tai Chi.

I also tend to write too much. Thanks for reading. Thanks in advance for any kind of advice, help, feedback, flowers.


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raphael in italy - la dolce vita 13 Anni 4 Settimane fa #154580

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Hi Raphael! Welcome in this jugglers community!
(I have edited the title of the topic to make it more clear)

Well, I really hope you can find some juggler from Tuscany or from other nice cities in Italy that can give you a place to stay or just to meet and juggle together!

I'm from Treviso, that's about 30 km from Venice. I don't have a place to offer you for shower/couch etcetc for now (I live with my parents... :-/ ) .... BUUUUTT if you'll come there or near for some days, you must know that on October we'll have a space to train and juggle every saturday from 15.00 to 18.00 PM. And obviously, you're invited to join us!

Often also other jugglers come from nearest cities (Bassano, Venice, Mestre, Padova...), so let me know if you'll be there by mail or Private message, and I'll give all infos.

Happy trip to Italy!
P.s. As you can see, we have a thing in common: bla bla bla bla bla... :P
(oh, and sorry for my bad english!)


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raphael in italy - la dolce vita 13 Anni 4 Settimane fa #154588

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hey hey hey!
Maybe the most important information that you need...
From 13th to 16th of September there will be thw 5th Juggling convention in Rome.
You can't miss it!
If you like to have more information about it just ask! :wink:
Unfortunatelly i live in the north of italy so i can't give you any information for your trip..but don't worry..someone will reply to this post. ciao!
P.S. Bad!! Tu e le tue cacchio di regole sulla firma!
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raphael in italy - la dolce vita 13 Anni 3 Settimane fa #154627

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Hi Raphael!
nice to meet you in the world wide web! i think you've great plans and as most of german people you'll love italy!
i'm in florence at the moment at my parents' house so depending on when you'll be here i'll can show you the town, things around and...may be a good and cheap place to sleep! for sure where eat and where not!
i'll leave to go to the "Convention Romana" in Rome so may be give you a lift if you need it!
Anyways get in touch when you'll have more info about your journey so we'll sort it out!
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raphael in italy - la dolce vita 13 Anni 3 Settimane fa #155478

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Hi there!(hi collague)
always happy to meet foregin people,here in Pisa!there's also some germans sometimes that like you do,they love wine and sun(and club passing too) :)

Maybe we'll catch to the rome convention!

see ya and enjoy Italy
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