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You should know How to Juggle With Three Balls pretty smoothly. It helps to have a reverse cascade down pat. Here's how.
This site provides an easy-to-follow method for learning how to juggle. Some people are natural juggles and will find they can juggle within a couple of hours of practice. Others might need a little more time (between 2 days to 2 months), but practice and persistence is the key to becoming a...
So you've learned to juggle three balls, and are ready to move on to something more impressive. Juggling clubs is a great skill to learn, and learning the clubs opens up the world of "club passing" with other jugglers. It's easy to learn with some practice and the right equipment, so keep...
Spiega come costruirsi delle clave di carta (in inglese)...
Contact Juggling is a style of single or multiple ball manipulation also called Dynamic Manipulation and Sphereplay, seen repeatedly in the movie Labyrinth. A practiced contact juggler will eventually be able to roll, spin, toss and pass the ball back and forth, looping and bobbing it over the finge
If you've seen the Fushigi ball commercials on TV you may be wondering how they make the ball appear weightless like that. This lens will teach you the basics of the art of Contact Juggling. We'll explore what sort of ball to use, and some great tutorials created by members of the Contact Juggling
Un pò di tricks di Karas con relativi video.
ci sono più di 1000 video: ottimi dal punto di vista didattico
Salve! Questo è il sito di Ghost e Alestix, dedicato completamente all'utilizzo dei flowerstick!. Ancora il sito è in fase di completamento... stiamo allestendo una vastissima sezione tutorial dedicata a tuti i trick (dai più elementari a quelli più difficili)! Vi chiediamo solo un periodo...
Impara e costruisci i tuoi cigar box!
Contact juggling, unlike toss juggling, hasn’t been around all that long. Toss juggling can be traced back thousands of years but contact juggling, or CJ as the community of contact jugglers calls it, is only about 30 years old.
Think you’re ready to start learning some juggling tricks? Once you’ve mastered the basic 3 ball cascade pattern, you’re definitely ready to learn some juggling tricks. If you haven’t learned how to juggle the 3 ball cascade yet, go visit my tutorial on how to juggle...
Welcome to the World Wide Web's Juggling Information Service, serving the Internet juggling community by connecting all of the juggling related resources that we can find. If you're a juggler, or want to learn to juggle, or just want some information on juggling, this is the place to be.
The diabolo is by far one of the most exciting props to watch. The fact that you can throw an object high up into the sky, and then catch it on a tiny bit of string, astounds people!