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E' il primo network sociale dedicato esclusivamente ai giocolieri e alle arti di strada


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Il Calendario eventi è dove potrai trovare tutti gli eventi legati al mondo della giocoleria


Juggling Forum

Il Forum è il cuore di Giocoleria.org. E’ lo spazio di incontro dove condividere la propria passione


Juggling Map

I G.Spots sono i luoghi dove i giocolieri si incontrano, si perfezionano, si esibiscono e si allenano


Have you ever wanted something really cool to show off or impress your friends with? Well, how about learning how to juggle a diablo (Chinese yo yo) as well as learning how to throw and catch it. This cool unique talent will be sure to drop jaws and interest others, not to mention it is extremely...
Tanti tricks da beginner a livello più avanzato in slow motion. Ideali per imparare.
Moltissime informazioni e interviste esclusive rilasciate dai maghi più popolari
Un sito sul Diabolo, con alcuni tricks base e più avanzati, la possibilità di acquistarne, e altre informazioni.
This page collects yo-yo tricks. Its aim is to give the reader a set of leads, when looking for information on certain tricks and techniques. It attempts to group tricks by style and technique. As many tricks fall into more than one of these groups, this is probably an impossible task. :-)
I decided to create Begin2Spin when I noticed repeated calls on the various yo-yo web boards for explanations of the simpler yo-yo tricks. As I looked around online for videos to help demonstrate these tricks I found that most of them weren't online or were in older, outdated formats. There are...
Buugeng was created by Dai Murata (a.k.a Zaobab) zaobab.com Inspired by Michael Moschen, Dai found a creative way to make these S-Curve shapes. Made of wood and collapsible, these convenient props are spreading across the world. It is visually entrancing to watch buugeng spin. The optical..