Juggle Social Network

E' il primo network sociale dedicato esclusivamente ai giocolieri e alle arti di strada


Juggling Calendar

Il Calendario eventi è dove potrai trovare tutti gli eventi legati al mondo della giocoleria


Juggling Forum

Il Forum è il cuore di Giocoleria.org. E’ lo spazio di incontro dove condividere la propria passione


Juggling Map

I G.Spots sono i luoghi dove i giocolieri si incontrano, si perfezionano, si esibiscono e si allenano

Bounce FAQ

Website: Bounce FAQ

By any standards, I am only an average bounce-juggler and certainly no expert. I decided to start this FAQ primarily because I enjoy bounce juggling. Everyone going the bounce route will want these answered at some time or the other. I certainly had a lot of questions. For answers I would always look to rec.juggling or the JIS. I have answered some of the questions with from my own experience. Dr. Steve Salberg has helped by filling in any holes and writing his 5-ball force hints for this FAQ. The experts here are those who post to rec.juggling. Steve Ness has written often and his articles appear in this FAQ. When needed, I have liberally taken information from posts to rec.juggling and tried to give credit to the authors. If you disagree with anything I say anywhere in this file, please notify me by e-mail. If your name should have been here but is missing, please don't hesitate to send me mail. The main contributors are Steve Ness, Fran Favorini, Ab Wilson and Steve Salberg. Credits are to be found at the beginning or the end of the quoted portion.

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