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Website: Hoopnotica
Persona di riferimento: Hooper Customer Support
Indirizzo: 1800a Abbot Kinney Blvd
C.A.P: 90291
Città: Venice
Stato: USA
Telefono: 877.712.2105

Welcome to Hoopnotica! We are the leaders in the hottest new fitness movement- a high cardio workout program that is so much fun, that it is taking the world by storm. What was made popular by Wham-O in the 50's (remember the Hula Hoop?) has transitioned into a non-impact, fat-burning workout that strengthens your core, and calms your mind. At Hoopnotica, we believe that there is a transition occurring in the world of physical fitness; that holistic wellness is supreme to "working out", and that our bodies are a reflection of our mind's ability to be centered and powerful in everything we do.   Hoopnotica is a tool we have found for tapping into that energy, while not straying too far from typical physical fitness programs.

Simply put: We want you to sweat; laugh; and challenge your limits with every "swish" of the hoop.

Our products are easy to use; beautifully designed; and built to take a beating.  Owning a Hoop from our collection is a pleasure, and will quickly become your favorite new partner for shaking your mind and bootie into shape (so choose wisely!).

Our award-winning DVD instruction and Teacher Training Program provide high quality instruction and support. Although the American Council on Exercise (ACE) recently compared one hour of Hoopnotica to one hour of "Cardio Boot Camp" (400-600 calories x hour); no one is going to yell at you and at no time will you be watching the clock, praying for a water break.   Discover the flow of movement that is uniquely Hoopnotica- a state of being where skills are challenging, yet attainable; leaving you inspired to practice and learn MORE. You'll be reminded of your childhood- where physical play was FUN- not a "workout". C'mon- let's see what you got, kid! Even if you never hooped as a kid, we have found that virtually ALL of our clients are able to hoop given the proper tools and training. Bring your friends and family together to share in a little quality hooping time where no one talks about religion or the economy. Spin on in and experience the most fun you’ll ever have getting healthy and fit. Hoopnotica believes that life is good, and the Hoop makes it even better.

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