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14. Juggling Tutorial: Orka's Mess

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Welcome to the Orka's Mess juggling tutorial. All constructive feedback and questions wanted!

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Need to know before attempting this trick:
3 ball cascade - see tutorial 1
Bonus to know:
Underarm throw
Mills' Mess - see tutorial 2
Windmill - see tutorial 16
Burkes Barrage - see tutorial 6

Note: This trick was created by Ori Roth, an amazing juggler, who named it the Orka's Mess. It is an amazing complicated trick and is truly original!

Step 1
Start with 2 balls, one in each hand. Have the one hand higher than the other hand and when you are ready, throw both balls inwards into the pattern. Have both throw in the opposite direction of your higher hand. Then twist your arms around to repeat this from the opposite side.

Step 2
Start with 3 balls. Place 2 in one hand and 1 in the other. Have the higher hand hold 2 and the lower hand hold 1. Do the step 1 where you throw 1 ball from each hand. As these 2 balls are in mid-air, throw the third ball in your higher hand and quickly catch the 2 falling balls in the same hands from which they were thrown. This then leaves you with your third ball, in mid-air. As it falls, throw the ball in your lower hand and catch the third ball that was just in mid-air. This is step 2, finish off by catching the last ball you just threw.

Step 3
This is the same as the last step only, after you catch the first higher hand thrown ball, you bring it down in a cutting action under the last ball thrown in step 2. Finish off by catching all the balls like in step 2.

Step 4
Here's the hard part. After you do step 3, you will notice your position is kind of like the previous starting position on the other side. So instead of catching the last ball, you throw the 2 balls you hold like step 1 or the beginning of steps 2 and 3. Now we come to the tricky part. In order to continue the pattern, you will need the mid-air to throw as the next step. However, that mid-air ball (as the name would suggest) is still in mid-air from which we left at the end of step 3. To put it back into the pattern, you need to reach over your new higher hand (previous lower hand) and pull that mid-air ball back straight after you do the double release from your higher and lower hand. Now that you have the third ball in your higher hand, you can proceed to throw it back into the pattern like step 2. Finish off by catching all the balls.

All Together
Work step 4 out on both sides and you are ready to string it together. Step 4 leaves you at the back to the same position on the opposite side so just do it again and put it together for the new trick.

Thanks for watching.
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