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staff spinning Tutorial 4

Uploaded By: BadCluster . Category: Staffs - Buugeng . Added on: 31 May 2012.
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I really dont know how the music got so ruined....

So here's my 4th tutorial, only explaining two spins. they are both essential for the EAGLES.

the palm spin is one of the spins I diddnt figure out or create by myself. Its a difficult move at first, but dont rush it. Also: make sure your fingers dont get in the way. keep your hand STRAIGHT.

of course, everyone able to do a technique from my tutorials is welcome to make a movie about it and put it as a video-post! I really want to see how good you people are.

next time I'll finally explain how to make combo's(if everything goed well).

song: Vitalic - Trahison
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