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Alien Jon Poi: nano-Tech Blog 6: Antispin Weave Fountain

Uploaded By: BadCluster . Category: Poi - Chains - Kiwido . Added on: 05 April 2012.
In this Video:
Buy my DVD here: - Antispin Weave Fountain (variant A)... in Slomo! Thanks for filming me Yuta!
This essentially uses 3 'Centers of Rotation' giving it the properties of a compound flower viewed from wall plane.

Varient A CoR relationships:
The poi and hands are antispin localy.
The hands and "big circle" (3rd CoR) are inspin.
The Poi move contrary to the "big circle", like antispin.

I need to clean up Varient B and film it. the CoR relationships are:
Poi vs hands: antispin.
Hands vs Big circle: antispin.
Poi vs Big circle: inspin.

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